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7a replica bags philippines The Star Spangled Banner was written during the War of 1812, by Sir Frances Scott Key. In the battle of Fort McHenry, during a rough battle with British naval ships. However, through all the rubble of the battle, the flag was still there. India contributed a number of divisions and brigades to the European, Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, North African and East African theatres of war. In Europe, Indian soldiers were among the first victims who suffered the horrors of the trenches. They were killed in droves before the war was into its second year and bore the brunt of many a German offensive.. 7a replica bags philippines

replica bags near me Antarctica answer 2 I was in Antarctica in 1959, and our teams of huskies stayed out on the ice the year round.( Husky is not a breed, it is a job description just like sheep dog.) About 40 odd dogs in all. These were Greenland huskies, somewhat larger than the Alaskan or Siberian. In retrospect this treatment was probably harsh, for in the south, the winter snows are only blown around fine powder snow, that does not build up drifts. replica bags near me

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